All You Need Is Confidence..

I often get emails, DM'S, Messages asking me how I got this far and how to do great things in life. My answer to that is confidence. You need to have confidence in yourself and your process. I am not perfect but I can tell you that confidence puts me in a total different light. [...]


How To Transform Your Outfit With Only One Trick! |OOTD

Is it only me but everyone around us is wearing the same type of outfits? Personal style is slowly fading away because of "TRENDS". In my opinion, to transform your look you have to sprinkle a little bit of you. If you are asking yourself "What does she mean by sprinkling a little bit of [...]


Hello guys! thank you for coming back to my blog! Today I am wearing a RED monochromatic outfit that I have seen many girls in Paris fashion week rocking and I decided to show you guys how I would style an outfit like this (with sneakers and all). If you ever want to look fabulous [...]


  Hello beauties! Any of you guys have a jumpsuit thrown away in your closet and it is just shoved in the corner collecting dust because you have no idea how to style it? Well pick it up and take the dust away because you will look very fly with these styling tips I am [...]

The reality of fall | OOTD

Hi fam!! so so nice seeing you here! Well I wanted to start of by saying that fall is my favorite season.. LOL okay I think many off you are so sick and tired of me saying that and you guys are like, "ok Mel, can we get the outfits because that's all we want [...]

The Perfect Summer Dress | OOTD

HI!! Welcome to my blog guys! I've been wanting to launch my blog for the longest time but i have been SO BUSY (literally) But i am so glad to launch my blog because fashion is something i love and i figure my girls would love to get some outfit ideas! So that dress is [...]


Hey babes! thank you for coming back to the blog! Rain is the excuse to wear sweats and a big shirt and look like a bum! (LOL guilty!) but what if i tell you that you can style your basic outfit in a SUPER chic way by adding some basic tricks? Take this outfit inspo, go [...]