Hey guys! i hope you enjoyed this video and took some ideas! These outfits are definitely NOT for the VERY COLD WEATHER but you can add more layers and make it more cozy!!! WATCH VIDEO AND CLICK HERE


Sunday Morning |OOTD

Every weekend I have to set time aside for family and for myself. Saturday night my sister called me telling me that we MUST go to this new coffee shop close to our house that it is VERY Instagram worthy. I've been wanting to go to a coffee shop for a very long time so [...]

How To Style White Over The Knee Boots!

Hi Guys! Long time no see! I have been working on many things on my youtube channel, New products launching soon on MELODYSLIFE SHOP and honestly guys I am so excited to end this year with a bang.. well talking about the end of the year, The best holidays are approaching and by best I mean (Christmas [...]

3 Different Ways To Wear White Denim Jeans! #StyleMix

The stylish white denim! I LOVE white jeans because somehow it makes you look 100% more chic! if you agree comment below! I know that styling jeans can be difficult because there is so much that you can do right? but I hope that these 3 tips can take your #OOTD'S to the next level! [...]


Hi fam!! More OOTD'S for Inspo how you guys are liking it?? So this outfit took me seriously 3 seconds to put together.. If you ask me "what is one thing that screams fall in your opinion?" I would definitely say PLAID! And honestly that can be anything. Scarf, Dresses, Shirts and you look very [...]

Jeans & T-shirt Type Of Day | OOTD

Choosing what to wear is the most problematic situation a girl goes through every single day. This shouldn't be a problem because choosing what to wear shouldn't be a headache. this #OOTD is jeans and a shirt but the twist are the boots. Always Make sure you have your "TWIST" is it shoes? a nice [...]

My First day of college | OOTD

Oh i am back to that #StudentLife. First day in college in NY and it's cold but hey, why not freeze to death (Thoughts After Picking My Outfit) but i actually love my new piece which is my wind breaker from Bershka. You guys know how much i love bershka, and i paired it with my leather [...]