My 2017 Wrap-Up Q&A | Answering Questions! (VIDEO)

Dear 2017, Thank you for making me the person i am today. Thank you for teaching me lessons i will be using in my life forever. This Q&A is a reflection of my year. I can't wait to look back in 2018 and see how far i've come. I hope you guys enjoyed this video! [...]


5 Things You Need To Start Doing Before 2018!

With the new year approaching, many of us wait for January first to start doing things that will make sure we have an amazing year. There are 5 things you need to start doing RIGHT NOW before January first to ensure that you have a very successful year! do not waste any time girl, grab [...]

A Milestone…

Sunday, December 3rd I hit 30 thousand followers on my Instagram account.. Wow. I was shocked and it brought back memories of when I had 3 thousand followers and nobody knew me, nobody truly believed in me.. It was only me, so reaching 30 thousand truly made me emotional. Honestly, even today sometimes I feel [...]

My Top 6 Products I Use Every Single Day

When It comes to self care I was the type of girl that used to wash her face, take a shower and call it a day. I never had a ritual where I took care of my skin and body every single day. This past few months I needed something in my day that made [...]

How To Get Volume With Curly Extensions!!

Happy Monday fam!! So blessed and thankful to see another day. Today I am showing you guys how YOU can achieve volume in 5 minutes with curly hair extensions! You probably know this about me but I love to switch it up and try new things. When I saw these curly extensions I was like [...]

My Ultimate Fall Guide + Bucket list 2017

It is finally starting to feel like fall and I am loving every second of it. This year fall came a bit delayed but it feels awesome that the temperature is going down and I can do things on my fall bucket list. Talking about bucket list, am I the only one who has one? [...]

5 Things I’ve Learned In the Past 10 months. LIFE LESSONS

I can safely say that 2017 has been the best year of my life so far. I've been through so much. I want to share 5 things I've learned and I want you guys my family members to comment below 3 things you have learned so far this year. 5 THINGS I'VE LEARNED IN THE [...]