Sunday Morning |OOTD

Every weekend I have to set time aside for family and for myself. Saturday night my sister called me telling me that we MUST go to this new coffee shop close to our house that it is VERY Instagram worthy. I've been wanting to go to a coffee shop for a very long time so [...]


5 Things You Need To Start Doing Before 2018!

With the new year approaching, many of us wait for January first to start doing things that will make sure we have an amazing year. There are 5 things you need to start doing RIGHT NOW before January first to ensure that you have a very successful year! do not waste any time girl, grab [...]


Holy Molly! if you follow me on my Instagram (where i am the most consistent) you will know that I've been doing many different things. My curly hair post are very popular, my fashion post inspire many of my girls BUT some of you guys might not know me too well so i want to [...]

Frequently Asked Questions | VIDEO

Hey everyone!! you guys! i am finally answering some FAQ. I am super excited because you guys can get to know me on a more personal level and it is also very entertaining. So get a drink and some snacks, relax and let me know how you guys like it!! Also please comment down below [...]


When i decided to start a blog, i named it MelodysLife* because i want this blog to be personal and focus on my life as well as my hobby which is fashion and beauty but this blog post i want to make it very personal because it is about my boyfriend. This is for him [...]