My 2017 Wrap-Up Q&A | Answering Questions! (VIDEO)

Dear 2017, Thank you for making me the person i am today. Thank you for teaching me lessons i will be using in my life forever. This Q&A is a reflection of my year. I can't wait to look back in 2018 and see how far i've come. I hope you guys enjoyed this video! [...]



Monday's, don't we just love this day? Well i know for a fact that i hated Mondays with all my heart because it meant that i had to go to school, or work and i had no purpose for my days ( i was so miserable!). When you start your day and you follow your [...]

The test and the blessing |HEART TO HEART

WARNING THIS IS VERY PERSONAL Hi girls! (and guys)! this Monday i want to have a personal conversation with my sweet followers about the test and the blessing. Today i just recently finished watching a service of my new favorite pastor Steven Furtick. Honestly all of his services and teaching speak right at my heart but his [...]


Hey babes! thank you for coming back to the blog! Rain is the excuse to wear sweats and a big shirt and look like a bum! (LOL guilty!) but what if i tell you that you can style your basic outfit in a SUPER chic way by adding some basic tricks? Take this outfit inspo, go [...]

3 Tips On How To Refresh Old Curls!

Oh hey there! i hope you are excited about this blog post because i struggled to learn how to refresh my curls for the second, third and even fourth day after my fresh wash and go. Am i the only one who loves how their second/third day curls look? it looks so much bigger and [...]