My Top 6 Products I Use Every Single Day

When It comes to self care I was the type of girl that used to wash her face, take a shower and call it a day. I never had a ritual where I took care of my skin and body every single day. This past few months I needed something in my day that made me unplug from the world and it is only me. Well I was looking around at all of my products and I continually found myself using these 6 products every single day.

When I go in the bathroom to shower I put on my favorite music and I literally unplug from work, family, friends it is literally me and my beauty routine. This is not a skin care routine it is literally what I use everyday even if I am tired I never skip this!

My Top 6 Everyday Products


I start my routine with my coconut oil. I don’t use makeup wipes to remove my makeup. I only use coconut oil and I haven’t broke out in such a long time so I am pretty positive it is because of this oil.

After I take my makeup off, I jump in the shower. When I finish my shower I use this.


My rose water is the easiest, quickest product to hydrate your face. It takes me 3 seconds to spray this all over my face and call it a day!


Once my face is dry, this eye bomb have changed my life. I never ever knew how important it is to moisturize your under eyes. I started using It every night because why not but I started seeing a difference on how my makeup went under my eyes, how smooth it looked and I had very thin wrinkles under my eyes (because of how dry it was) and it totally went away.


My Lips is my favorite feature so I am always taking care of it. I actually DIY a sugar scrub every week to exfoliate my lips and I can get so lazy or I even forget to do it and my lips can get so dry. This sugar scrub by LONE is literally the smartest thing I’ve ever owned. It is a sugar scrub in chapstick form like WHAT!!! I love it.


Deodorant is a must after I shower but guys.. I was using the regular toxic deodorants before and I never knew how DANGEROUS it is to use it!! so I got my hands on these natural deodorants that will make sure I don’t have cancer so please switch your deodorants! I love the LONE brand because they are safe and smell amazing!


To finish my routine off, I lather my body in lotion. This one is my favorite because it smells so good and it gives my skin a beautiful glow!

After I finish my routine, I am ready to go to bed. Take care of your body. Find that one thing that can calm you down and help you unwind. Us as females should take care of our bodies and feel confident under our skin. I hope I inspired you to start your little routine and maybe try the products I mentioned!!



coconut oil

eye bomb

rose water

Natural Deodorant

Lip Scrub

My Favorite Lotion






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