My Favorite Podcasts At The Moment! VOL.1

Podcasts are better than audio books..

Well that is my opinion haha! I love listening to podcasts because there are so many different people with different opinions & the best part is that your favorite influencer is hosting it! well, there will be people you will stumble upon that you don’t know, but you will grow to love them just as much.

If you are wondering why I am sharing about podcasts, it is because I personally feel that listening to podcast is a way to disconnect. I am learning to listen to podcast instead of being on my Instagram or social media and guess what? I AM ACTUALLY LEARNING SOMETHING! We have to admit, disconnecting from social media can be hard so having an alternative activity to do, helps you break that addiction.

Two, You learn so much! when I listen to podcasts I am constantly learning. Learning about Jesus, learning about my business, personal growth. The list goes on and on. But to keep this short, I always feel motivated and inspired! I listen to podcasts when I am cooking, cleaning, working, before going to bed, in the morning- ALL THE TIME!

Also I did get some requests to share my favorite podcasts so here they are! Enjoy 🙂



The Good Life by Stevie & Sazan – This is a brand new podcast by my favorite blogger Sazan with her amazing hubby Stevie. They only have 3 podcasts out but let me tell you that my whole life changed already! Super informative, super real & entertaining! you definitely have to give it a listen.

Often Ambitious – For all of my boss babes, this is for you! This podcast is all about the blogging/ influencer industry and how to thrive in an oversaturated industry!

Timothy Keller Sermons Podcast– If you want to understand the Bible better, this one is for you. Timothy Keller does an AMAZING JOB at explaining the Bible and helping you understand the verses in a beautiful way!

The Basement Yard– If you want to laugh, Joe Santagato will make your day! I love his podcast because it is the definition of UNFILTERED HUMOR. I love how real and funny he is!


I hope you love these suggestions and I promise I will come back with more podcasts!

Have an amazing Thursday loves!