Winter In NYC | OOTD

Winters in NYC can be either amazing or a nightmare.. It all depends how much you like the cold because the temperate drops to -1 degree and it can be difficult to even keep your eyes open but there is a charm in NYC when you walk down the streets of soho and see amazing street style and super cozy coffee shops.

I love my city but the cold is definitely not for me. It is mainly because I am an Island girl and I truly love wearing shorts and dresses. Do you like the winter?? – Today I sharing with you my OOTD. Also if you are interested in some of my clothing items I will try to link them below.

outfit details

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Black turtle neck:

Flare Pants:



Today’s reminder: Trust the next chapter because you are the author, and you only write amazing things! Go crush it babe! xx


Stripes Fever! Fall #OOTD

Hey hey hey!

We are 7 days away for it to be OFFICIALLY FALL! I’ve honestly been waiting for this day since last fall because it is my favorite season. But one thing I love the most about fall is the brand new season. Not only the weather and trees changes but also a new chapter of your life starts. If you’ve been wanting to do something and have been waiting for the right moment guess what?.. THIS IS IT!

I can sit here and tell you all the things I love about fall like candles, pumpkin (everything), Cozy weather, Makeup and of course outfits. One thing I promised myself this season is to get out of my comfort zone. Try new looks, new foods, new places! weirdly enough, I was constantly reminded in the month of august of how short life is. Seriously my goal is to live it up and be happy!

What is it in your life right now that you want to improve or change? I encourage you to comment below one thing you will doing in this new season of your life!



Jacket – pretty little thing

Pants – Pretty little thing 

Chunky Sneakers – Pretty little thing 


Spring is in the air! #OOTD

Hey guys!!

Today the weather where I live is just beautiful (above 50 degrees) I know maybe where you live that is freezing but where I live it’s the best we’ve had yet! It is sunny, blue skies, fresh wind and warm!

I am taking full advantage and I am finally wearing my crop top that I’ve been wanting to wear for the longest time and will still wear a lot in the summer from Sadie & Sage


Of course this spring pastel colors are so in! If you don’t know what to wear this spring, definitely grab dusty pinks, lavender & flowy materials when it is time to choose an outfit!

I hope this outfit inspires you to recreate it and below I will link similar items that you can shop!!

Love you!


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Oh it feels good to write again and get close and personal with my Fam!

February has been such a crazy month for me. I SWEAR I wasn’t expecting nothing like this. One thing I said at the beginning of the year was “NO TRAVELING, I want to work and the travel will come later” Well, travel came without me even expecting it. I went to the Dominican Republic for a month but unfortunately my trip was cut short so I had to come back. I was so sad because I love being with my mom but I had to come back home.

This year started out amazing for me. I have gotten so many cool opportunities and I have been disappointed a lot too but one thing I’ve learned is that failure is simply a feedback on what to do differently next time. Sometimes we fail and we just give up entirely on everything we are doing because we are afraid to fail again but you need to love failure, You learn so much when you fall and you scrape your knees but what counts the most is how many times we get back up and keep on going.


One thing I really want to do this year is launch a clothing line. I will start off slow but I want to make girls feel like they are part of a community and that is the main goal of my line. I will update you guys soon on the launch but just know that doing something like this takes a TON of hard work and time. Me and Rudy decided to start the Instagram for it in January and we had planned to launch it in February but GUYS IT IS SO DIFFICULT! but I promise we are on it! @flint.look

Monday’s are so great because it is truly a fresh week to start new and work HARD! I love feeling comfortable but cute at the same time. One thing I love to do on a Monday is plan out my week and get a head start on my days. Comment below what you like to do on a Monday?

Thank you for being part of my journey and being my BFF! Hope you have an amazing week Fam!











Sunday Morning |OOTD

Every weekend I have to set time aside for family and for myself. Saturday night my sister called me telling me that we MUST go to this new coffee shop close to our house that it is VERY Instagram worthy. I’ve been wanting to go to a coffee shop for a very long time so I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

The coffee shop itself it’s so so cute and the have the best tea EVER!! It is an Aussie owned coffee shop so experiencing their culture was awesome as well.

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I am definitely coming back here. How do you spend your Sunday’s? Let me know below!




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Camo & Vans | OOTD

I love days that I can wear comfy clothes & the weather is right. Today was definitely one of those days. I know everyone must own a pair of Camo something – It can be pants, a T-shirt or shoes. Camo definitely came to stay. If you do decide to wear anything “Camo” Make that piece of clothing the star of your outfit, meaning keeping the rest simple and basic.

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Don’t get me wrong, It is still very cold where I live so I had to wear a jacket but notice that the jacket is a neutral color and it is edgy so it compliments the whole outfit! When you are going to pick an outfit of the day, ask yourself “What mood am I in today?” And go with what you are feeling!

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I also love the simple details with the accessories like the layered necklace I am wearing (I think everyone should own a simple necklace. I will make sure to link this necklace so we can match!)

Thank you for stopping by the blog and hopefully you felt inspired by this outfit to re-create it!

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Last Minute Outfit Idea For Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve is tomorrow and I know many of us are rushing to find the perfect outfit to impress all of our family members and let them know that we had the best year of our lives (even if it’s not true) but hey! fake it till you make it! haha

This outfit is perfect if you are going to somebody’s house to have a casual dinner. We all know we are going to eat A LOT so a pair of comfy yet stylish jeans paired with a basic black sweater SCREAMS comfort. I know you might be thinking “Mel but I am not trying to look like I am going to the mall, I want to look fab!” I hear you but if it is last minute, why not work with what you got in your closet?? Plus we are going to make this basic outfit super fabulous because we are throwing on top a very chic Moto jacket with a fur collar! see, we just made the outfit go from 5 to 100!! Of course wear some heels or booties if you are aiming to dance all night!



Style Tip

If you want to bring this outfit to another level, Accessorize! Wear a fedora hat, wear a really cute choker necklace and wear your favorite rings!

Outfit Details

Black Sweater

Very Similar Jeans

Exact Jacket I am wearing

Very Cute Similar Boots



Happy Holidays Guys!