Wear It Again! Black Leather Biker Jacket

Hey Fam HAPPY NEW YEAR! I truly hope you guys had a great time with family and friends this holiday season because I did and it was very much needed BUT it is a new year and I know so many people have great goals for the new year and fashion is one of them. Either become more creative with your style or revamping your wardrobe – I thought of the coolest idea to bring to the blog called WEAR IT AGAIN.

I love fashion and I have so many girls that love my looks but not everyone can wear a new outfit every single day like the top bloggers can, right? It’s not very great for the pocket if you get what I am saying lol. I am constantly re-using items in my closet and changing the way I use it. For this reason, I think it will be very cool to bring to you every month a WEAR IT AGAIN post showing you how I re-style some clothing items! I will get very creative with this so subscribe to my online magazine to stay up to date with the blog & follow me on here to be notified everytime I post. Should we start? Let’s do it!

Outfit #1 Make another piece of the outfit the star

You will notice that my style is very street style & simple. I think the trick with this jacket is to change the vibe with your look (you will see what i mean soon) In my opinion what made this look great is the boots!

Outfit #2 Play With the materials

Here I played with the fabric of my outfit. I wore a pretty basic look but I paired black leather boots so automatically your eyes will draw to the leather jacket.

Outfit #3 Don’t lose your essence

Hands down a very cool way to wear this jacket is to pair it with an outfit that is not edgy! I think the jacket is an eye catcher to a look that really doesn’t go with the jacket!

Well Cuties what do you think?? I hope this inspires you to play with what you got! I personally went through a very sad first world problem and said ” I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR” While starring at a walk-in closet with a ton of clothes to pick from lol! do you want me to create more posts in this series? Comment below!

Until next time,

xo, Mel


Back To School Advice: High School Letter To My 14 Year Old Self

Hey Guys!

Almost everyone is back to school or are going back to school very soon. I have a ton of followers that are currently in high school & college so I am excited for this mini series because I sure wish my favorite blogger or youtuber wrote something like this because I was super nervous to go back to school. I will write my 14 year old self a letter and hopefully that helps you!




Dear, M

You just finished middle school and you are so relieved because you won’t get bullied anymore but you are still a little nervous because some of the girls that bullied you will attend the same high school as you but don’t worry because there will be so many new people in your high school that everyone will go in different paths. 

Freshman year will be the best year ever because you will have new friends, new school and it is a fresh start! remember you have to focus focus focus. Focus on having good grades & having fun! Sophomore year will be a little difficult academically because you will have more pressure with finals, volleyball & AP classes. I wish you stuck with sports because that could’ve helped you get a scholarship to go away for college! Look into colleges now and see what they require from you. Get involved in clubs so you can have more friends and it is okay for you to get out of your small circle of friends and have other friends! 

Junior year will be super stressful because you have so many finals & senior itis will start kicking in even though you are a junior haha! but I promise you, you have to make your studies your main priority to be ready for college! Don’t focus on boys because that will distract you so so much! Yes, you are still dating your high school sweetheart now but being in love can be extremely distracting of your main goal! Now that you are a junior, start identifying what you are good at, what you genuinely like to do & start developing that. I am so glad you started your blog & you decided to become an influencer very early on even if you didn’t do it. spoiler alert, that is what you will be doing in 3 years!

In Senior year you will be very very lazy and you will want to graduate ASAP! don’t skip school, don’t give up & make sure you submit all of your college stuff extra early! I know you are not ready to go in the real world even if you think you are but you did it! I wish you went to prom and graduation but it is okay. I promise you, your life will be better in 1-2 years- Just hold on and enjoy that you have no responsibilities! Hold on tight and know that you will be great! 


Hey you,

Enjoy your high school years. You will learn so much about yourself and you should have fun! hope this year teaches you a ton of life lessons & you learn new things about yourself. Also remember that high school is not forever, the years will fly by and you will look back and say “wow” can’t believe I went through all of that, it went by SO FAST? (That’s how I feel haha)

Comment below one advice you can share for high school students!



Pink Floral Frill Hook Top!

Pink Ripped Cropped Denim Jacket ( so cute for back to school!! )\

Perfect Denim Jeans

Mini leather Knot Front Bag! (so cute!)

Nude Cross Strap Platform Sandals!


Much Love,



Habits I am Building To improve my Day To Day Life.

Happy Monday Guys!

Last week I came to a realization that on my everyday life I don’t put myself as a priority. Usually my day looks like this – “Emails, Film, Shoot, Plan, Work, & More Working”. I noticed that because of that I got irritated easily & got stressed out all the time & everyday seems to be more stressful and more overwhelming. I am being 100% honest here, not everyday is amazing and easy, for me lately my days have been full of comparison and not about me, I am putting social media first than cleaning, reading, working out like what! YIKES – Yes, this is my job but sometimes it feels like I can’t put a stop to it. Another thing I realized was that I can hardly do things by myself because I don’t like being alone, and that is not the way I want to live life so I had to really put a stop to it and write down things I see myself doing and prioritizing before me and setting the record straight!

I want to share some of the things I’ve been doing and adjusting to my everyday life to you guys so maybe you can put some of these things in your routine. I know I am not alone in this, as a reminder it is really important to take a look at your life and point out what is important to you and make that a priority above anything else!

“Promise Yourself
To be so strong that nothing
can disturb your peace of mind.
To talk health, happiness, and prosperity
to every person you meet.”

IMG_4048_Facetune_30-07-2018-17-57-46 2



One thing I’ve been doing everyday is Journal. If you are not the type to be vocal about how you feel and much rather work things out on your own, definitely journal. Journal how you feel, journal ways to bring happiness in your everyday life, journal your prayers, journal your moods. Journaling has been a game changer.

Definitely do this in the morning, before grabbing the phone, checking your emails, checking your group chat. When you do that first before spending time with yourself, you will feel overwhelmed and out of place.

More Reading or listening to POSITIVE PODCASTS than grabbing your phone when you are bored.  Why is it that when we are bored or have nothing to do, the first thing we do is grab our phones?? It is very alarming and instead of picking up your phone to scroll through IG at 4:00pm, how about going to the park with your favorite book or going to your balcony to draw while playing your favorite music? These are the little things that will bring joy to your day!

More spending time ALONE. When I shared with you guys that lately it has been more difficult for me to spend time alone is because whenever I want to do something I always ask people to do it with me because I don’t like being alone. But that is something I want to improve. I want to be able to go for a walk around my neighborhood by myself and not be “afraid” This is something I am definitely trying to improve on.

Make a MORNING & NIGHT routine! let’s be honest, everyday is definitely not the same. Yesterday me and Rudy were planning to spend the day inside and have a “Lazy Sunday” Around 1:00pm my sister called me to ask me if I wanted to go to the beach so the whole lazy Sunday went out the window – But one thing that doesn’t change is how you start your morning and how you end your day. Building a morning routine and night routine brings peace in my soul because it something I actually have control of.

Have personal Challenges. I am currently on a 2 week no sweets challenge and I can tell you, it has been the most difficult thing I’ve done in a while because it requires so much discipline but I can tell you that I love to see how it challenges me. You can start your fitness journey, Not go on social media for 3 hours or drink a gallon of water a day. You name it, As long as you are challenging yourself it will make your day more fun & it will give you a reason to wake up everyday.

Always make time for God. Jesus is my rock. whenever I don’t read the Bible or spend time with him, It feels like my world falling apart. Never forget to pray & read the Bible, to have a lone time with God it is very important because at the end of the day, everything is staying on this earth. & eternity is forever.


Have an amazing week guys and hopefully you will put some of the things I said here on the blog in practice! It’s okay to not have everything figured out and “perfect” just know that your time is coming and you have to be patient. Never put yourself second.

Much love,


Essential Step To Be Joyful On Your Everyday Life + Bible Study Group Update!

Hey Beautiful people!

If you are new here, Welp this blog is very dusty to say the least. I have been absent here because honestly I was having a really hard time trying to figure out the best way to use my blog and really engage with my readers. I definitely feel like I can be more open here and intimate and I already have an idea of how I am going to use this platform so get ready for a lot of referencing “check out the blog” in IG, YT & my new Bible study group.

Which by the way, I finally created a group for it and it is called… *drum roll please* Thrive In Faith!!!!!!! 

I decided to name the group Thrive in Faith (TIF) because I want us women to thrive in life with God and and build our faith everyday more and more! I am so beyond excited about this because I won’t be the only one. It will be a community and we will all study together, create playlists, start conversations, prayer, have book clubs & more! AHHHH SO EXCITED!

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I have so many amazing plans for the group and I hope you join me. It will be a closed bible study group and you will have to request to join. I will ask some questions to have an idea of who you are and your intentions to join. I want to make this a safe place for all of us and honestly guys I already have amazing plans for the group in the future! even meet ups!



I have gone through so much in my short 19 years of life and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for God. My joy comes from something beyond this world and it is Jesus. He is so real, so present, so loving. I just want to glorify him in every possible way I can. I learned to build my faith on God and not rely on my own understandings.

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With that being said, I am so beyond excited for this bible study and I will leave the link below for you guys to start requesting your spot and I hope this is a blessing for you.

Join Thrive In Faith Bible Study Group!




Oh it feels good to write again and get close and personal with my Fam!

February has been such a crazy month for me. I SWEAR I wasn’t expecting nothing like this. One thing I said at the beginning of the year was “NO TRAVELING, I want to work and the travel will come later” Well, travel came without me even expecting it. I went to the Dominican Republic for a month but unfortunately my trip was cut short so I had to come back. I was so sad because I love being with my mom but I had to come back home.

This year started out amazing for me. I have gotten so many cool opportunities and I have been disappointed a lot too but one thing I’ve learned is that failure is simply a feedback on what to do differently next time. Sometimes we fail and we just give up entirely on everything we are doing because we are afraid to fail again but you need to love failure, You learn so much when you fall and you scrape your knees but what counts the most is how many times we get back up and keep on going.


One thing I really want to do this year is launch a clothing line. I will start off slow but I want to make girls feel like they are part of a community and that is the main goal of my line. I will update you guys soon on the launch but just know that doing something like this takes a TON of hard work and time. Me and Rudy decided to start the Instagram for it in January and we had planned to launch it in February but GUYS IT IS SO DIFFICULT! but I promise we are on it! @flint.look

Monday’s are so great because it is truly a fresh week to start new and work HARD! I love feeling comfortable but cute at the same time. One thing I love to do on a Monday is plan out my week and get a head start on my days. Comment below what you like to do on a Monday?

Thank you for being part of my journey and being my BFF! Hope you have an amazing week Fam!











Sunday Morning |OOTD

Every weekend I have to set time aside for family and for myself. Saturday night my sister called me telling me that we MUST go to this new coffee shop close to our house that it is VERY Instagram worthy. I’ve been wanting to go to a coffee shop for a very long time so I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

The coffee shop itself it’s so so cute and the have the best tea EVER!! It is an Aussie owned coffee shop so experiencing their culture was awesome as well.

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I am definitely coming back here. How do you spend your Sunday’s? Let me know below!




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All You Need Is Confidence..

I often get emails, DM’S, Messages asking me how I got this far and how to do great things in life. My answer to that is confidence. You need to have confidence in yourself and your process. I am not perfect but I can tell you that confidence puts me in a total different light. It makes me look like I have no flaws because I embrace my flaws. Confidence makes me feel like i can take over the world.

I am so blessed to live this life. I am blessed to have acknowledged that this life is very short and I can’t waste any second of it being insecure or doubtful. Think about it, you get the chance to live on this earth for a VERY limited time so what are you spending your time developing? Hate? Jealousy? Comparison? Doubt?

When my friends come to me with their life dilemma I always tell them that it is YOU VS YOU. Not you vs them or her or him. BE CONFIDENT in your process. Be confident with the way you talk, what you wear, your hair, your face & body. GIRL YOU ARE STUNNING!

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Don’t settle for less and Be confident!!


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