This Hairstyle Will Save Your Life! ft Curly Heaven Hair

Ponytails with curly hair? That was something I never though I would be able to do, unless I had long curly hair and that seemed very far away. Not being able to do that simple hairstyle made me upset because ponytails are so quick and easy. Everything changed when I watched a “curly ponytail with extensions tutorial” on youtube. I was like omg I have to try this out!

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 8.53.27 PM

I got a pony from Curly Heaven Hair and I promise you it made my life so much easier! I did a tutorial on exactly how I do it on my Instagram – I will make sure to leave the video below and I am sure most of you guys will be in shock to see how easy it is!

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 8.53.00 PM

The pony matched perfectly with my texture and It will be fun to play with Flexi rods and even straighten it to switch it up! I definitely recommend you guys to get your hands on them because this 5 minute hairstyle will come in handy when your hair is looking extra dry and undefined or even when you are running late to school and work.




Hope this helped!

See you next time,

xo, M


The Greatest Curly Giveaway EVER! FT AUSSIE


I am beyond excited to be part of the AUSSIE family and be able to create content with their products for my #MelFam. Honestly I am super grateful to see how far I’ve come and I can’t imagine where I am heading at.

I announced that I am working with them last week and so many of you guys freaked out because you guys know that I’ve been using their products since I started my curly hair journey and I’ve been using their products even before that. So being able to have my hand in this collection before I has been released to the public is UN-REAL!

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So in my Instagram @melodyslife I am hosting a huge HUGE giveaway with Aussie. We are giving THE ENTIRE COLLECTION.. Let me repeat that again, THE ENTIRE COLLECTION to 5 VERY LUCKY #MELFAM members.

Go right now to that photo and follow the rules in the caption and maybe you will win the ENTIRE AUSSIE MIRACLE CURLS COLLECTION!!

I love you guys!



How To Get Volume With Curly Extensions!!

Happy Monday fam!! So blessed and thankful to see another day. Today I am showing you guys how YOU can achieve volume in 5 minutes with curly hair extensions!

You probably know this about me but I love to switch it up and try new things. When I saw these curly extensions I was like ok! these will come in handy on my first day hair and second day hair when the curls are not as big I can fake it! haha!

The extensions I am using on my Instagram video is from CURLY HEAVEN So feel free to check them out and try something new with your curls!

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 11.26.33 PM

If you saw my Instagram video, you might of noticed that they are clip in extensions which makes it so easy to put them on and take them off. I used to wear straight hair extensions before I went natural so wearing this reminded me of how far I’ve come with my natural hair.

Watch the IG tutorial HERE and comment under the video what is something you love about curly hair!


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See you next time BLOG FAM!

Much Love,


How To Achieve Curly Bun With Bangs! *VIDEO*

Hey Guys!

2 videos in one week! wow!! I hope my babies over here are subscribed to my youtube channel because the upcoming videos will be BOMB!

In today’s video I am showing you guys my GO-TO hairstyle, The curly bun with bangs.

If you are interested in re-creating this hairstyle take a photo and tag me on Instagram to see you! I hope you guys enjoyed the video!




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3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going Natural // #HAIRUNFILTERED

Curly hair. Beautiful luscious locks that makes everyone want to touch it! That was my thoughts before going natural. To be honest, I thought that was going to be my hair right after I cut all of the straight ends and damaged and fried hair, well I was wrong..

Let me tell you something, going natural is very very difficult and it take a lot of patience and discipline to have healthy curls. You can have short hair or long hair, if your curls are not healthy you won’t be happy with it. I remember when I just cut all of my fried hair off I thought “WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH THIS HAIR?! IT IS SO SHORT AND IT DOESN’T EVEN CURL UP! I HAVE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE” Rocky talk. When you use a lot of heat and don’t transition, most likely your hair doesn’t even curl! it is like an awkward wave. So you quit and go use heat.. THAT WAS ME!

After I went back to heat I hated my hair because it was very dry, very damaged and unhealthy so what did I do? I big chopped one more time and did what was right, take PROPER CARE of my curls!

This are 3 things I wish I knew before I grabbed those scissors!



If you don’t know what transition is, well transition is when you stop using heat 100% and let your curls grow out so when you cut the dead ends, you will actually see curls. This is very important because in your transitioning stage you will learn not to use heat, you can practice many hairstyles and it will make the process more fun!


Heat is the cause of impatience. I have a question for you, Do you really want curly, Healthy hair? If the answer is YES then WHY DO YOU NEED HEAT? I don’t get it! People always tell me they want curls but they can’t give up the heat! If you are transitioning to natural hair and you use heat at least once that is 5 steps backwards because your curls will be SO WEAK and it is not worth it!


If you have 3B curls right now and you are excited because that pattern is very cute and loose.. WRONG! that will change once your curls become healthier & longer! I remember just starting my journey of being natural and I had 3A/3B hair! BOY WAS I EXCITED! Little did I know that once my hair became healthier and longer it was going to spring up more and shrink so now I have 3B/3C and I love it!

Love every stage of you hair! If you are just starting out remember that in a blink of an eye your curls will be touching your shoulders and you will wish to have it short and super duper defined! so don’t look at other curly girls and wish you have their hair because honestly everyone got different hair. It can be different textures or different patterns! so be YOUnique!

Much Love, Mel


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