How To Get What You Want And Be A GIRLBOSS!

I highly dislike when someone tells me or themselves that they are not capable of getting what they want. Since I was very young I’ve been very independent and whatever I put on my mind I go and GET IT!

What is it that you want? Do you want to open a store? travel the world? be a designer or singer? Let me tell you something.. YOU CAN DO IT. yup, it doesn’t matter the competition or who is doing what because everyone is different and everyone has different point of views.

This is the secret: you have to want it more than anything in the world and lose sleep over it.

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Being a girl boss means to go for what you want and build a vision without giving up. This life that we were blessed with unfortunately is very short, so how are you spending your time? I hope you girls are motivated to go for what you want and don’t make excuses for yourself! sometimes I look at everything I’ve been through and I ask myself “HOW DID I DO THAT?!” So if I am doing it, you can too.

PS: Don’t listen to what others have to say unless is constructive criticism. People can be very negative and envious of what you want because they can’t do it themselves. Always help others and stay in your lane. No matter where you are in life what matters the most is moving forward and look at your role model and say to yourself, “If she/he did it, I can too”

Much Love,



5 Things You Need To Start Doing Before 2018!

With the new year approaching, many of us wait for January first to start doing things that will make sure we have an amazing year. There are 5 things you need to start doing RIGHT NOW before January first to ensure that you have a very successful year! do not waste any time girl, grab a pen and paper and let’t do this!

5 Things You Need to Do Before January 1st.


Do not wait until January first to have a clear vision of what you want to see, experience and have in 2018. Believe it or not I started doing this 5 things December first because I love to have a clear picture of my goals and setting your LIFE GOALS and breaking them in 12 parts (hints 12 months) will make them feel so reachable and not impossible.


One thing many people do once 12:00 AM hits is start their New Years resolutions like going to the gym, waking up early, eating healthy. NO!! start NOW! do not wait until January first to start doing these things you really want to do because it will be so easy for you to break the habits after the first week. Start Today and get in a routine NOW.


Many people want to find a better job or tell their boss to give them a raise and even be their own boss. How about you start doing all of your research now, start getting in the groove of things TODAY so you are ready for the New Years!


Every year under our New Years resolutions list we have “Face one fear a day” but we get so caught up in life that we sometimes forget to do something that makes our hearts drop everyday because we are fearful. Learn NOW how to fight fear. One thing that really helps me fight fear is scriptures, the word of God always gives me strength! So find that thing that will push you to do amazing things!


Now is the time to really form the habits of unplugging! I have said this before but guys you have to learn to step away from your computers and phones and have a walk in the park and admire nature, maybe go to a restaurant alone with no phone and embrace your own company! Learn to unplug NOW in order to have a healthy New Year!


I really hope these 5 tips truly impacted you in a positive way and I am looking forward to read your goals and resolutions you have set yourself for 2018! leave them below!


Until next time Mel Fam!



How To Transform Your Day With These 7 Tips!

The end of the year is quickly approaching and with everything that is going on in the world, it is so important to center ourselves and review our goals and aspirations so we are ready for the new year.

Lately I’ve been doing so much research on self improvement. I am not only thinking about my social medias and the content I will create but the routine I need to master in order to be happy everyday because let’s face it, when you work non-stop and you are on a constant GO GO GO you are not really taking the time to develop yourself and when you set aside time to really do some soul searching and figure out your balance that is when everything will change.

Today I want to share my top 7 tips to improve your day.

Let’s do this!


I know. Not everyone knows exactly their purpose on this planet. Not everyone has clear goals that will make them jump out of the bed every morning. If that’s you then FIND YOUR WHY. What is that one thing you can talk about all day every day and never get tired of it? What is that thing that love to learn about? Once you find your why then start writing them down. Manifest them. If you know what makes you jump out of the best in the morning, if you have that one thing you are super obsessed about then make that #1 in your day. Always work on it and improve it!


This is new to me. I never knew how important it is to have a daily ritual. Something to take your mind off work, school, family, friends. My ritual is Reading the Bible, worshipping and journaling. If you are not a christian don’t worry 🙂 you can do yoga, read or even meditate. Find your perfect daily ritual!


Let’s face it. Technology is taking over! Mainly what I do consists on being on the phone but I didn’t realize this until my boyfriend pointed this life changing thing to me. He told me that the reason why I am constantly doubting myself, the reason why I am sad so frequently is because I am always scrolling and so consumed on other peoples lives!! this hit me so hard because I realized that I am disregarding many things in my life because I am so caught up on the phone!! now what Im doing is limiting the scrolling. I check my Instagram and social medias maybe 3 hours during my day but that has helped me so much.


You start appreciating your health when you are sick, when you can’t do regular things like working out or run! Seriously fam, don’t let yourself get to that point in order to realize how important it is to drink 8 glasses of water a day, how important is to workout every single day!! when you are healthy you are able to do so much more!


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Tip #5 | LOVE

Okay I am sure you guys are very confused about this one but I recently watched the movie 7 pounds and it changed my life completely (watch it! I totally recommend it) This movie made me realize the importance of loving your partner, your family, your parents and people. Life can be gone in a blink of an eye. Everyday make it a habit to tell your parents you love them and calling that friend and ask how they are. It doesn’t cost a thing!


Aside from fashion and beauty I love to cook! Every night I play my favorite worship playlist and put my phone aside and cook!! Trust me sometimes is all about the little things.


Everyday is a new beginning for you to work on your dreams. I am aware that some days will be worse than others but I can assure you that if you don’t give up you will get closer to your goals. Never give up darling! You got this!


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I hope my 7 tips really inspired you to think in a different way and improve your day! Share this with someone who needs to improve their life just a little bit.