About ME.

Hey my name is melody.

Well If I have to tell you who i am in one word it would be UNPREDICTABLE but that won’t cut it right? i have to tell you a little more and  that is cool.. (i like to talk)

I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic making me an island baby. Let me tell you that since i was a little girl i always loved fashion and beauty. I’ve been to multiple modeling schools like john casa blancas, Barbison, and more. Modeling was a HUGE passion for me and  even when i got scouted by IMG models and visited their office here in NY, i lost the passion for it, somehow i felt like i wasn’t good enough because i was rejected so many times but that led me to something better.

I wanted to have my own voice. Be Me. Show you guys (by you guys i mean strangers who randomly decided to follow my day to day life through social media and have become SUCH A HUGE PART OF MY LIFE) i want to show you guys how i dress, my hair journey because being natural (having curly hair) it’s such an awesome achievement AND my relationships.

Hope you guys stick with this crazy girl and there is a lot more about me that you will know on the blog. kay?

Love you always, mel.


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