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My Favorite basic items for under $25 bucks!

Hey babes! In honor of back to school, I want to share some basic items you can use every day for under $30 bucks because I know that the budget for clothing goes down because of all the other expenses you already have so don’t worry I totally got you covered!

I got inspired to write this blog post because of today’s look. I love how simple, cute and BASIC it is. You can achieve this look for less so let’s do this!


To start let’s do tops (including hoodies) because I know fall is right around the corner and we need to stock up on comfy tops for school!


  1. Hollywood Stripe Tee $24
  2. Off white stripe $24.99
  3. Fila Graphic tee $22.80 (I would get this in large for the baggy fit ☺️)
  4. “Human” Graphic Tee $19.95
  5. Neon Green Oversized Tee $21.99


BOTTOMS (Cute shorts + sweats!)


  1. High rise denim shorts $19.90
  2. White Paperbag high rise shorts $25
  3. Basic wide leg sweatpants $19
  4. Grey cropped sweatpants $24.99
  5. Black Tapered sweatpants $17.50





  1.  Navy Adidas hat $25
  2. Black Adidas hat $25
  3. Yankees cap $25
  4. Black crossbody bag $24.99
  5. Halfmoon bag $24.99


I really hope this blog post helped you on what to get or gave you some ideas and remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on clothes. Do your research, go to thrift stores or work with what you got! Hope you have an amazing week!


Xo, Mel

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