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Hey babes! Thank you for passing by the blog and checking out the new post.

Today I will be sharing and linking some items from my apartment tour (click to watch if you haven’t ☺️)  Please note that I couldn’t find ALL the items but I tried to find a similar one or a cute alternative for you to check out. Hope you appreciate this post and have fun decorating your place!





  1. IKEA LAMP (They don’t have the same one online but in-store they do have it. I have a small size, I still linked a really cute one)
  2. Key Holder (They don’t sell the same one anymore but I liked a really pretty pick!)
  3. BROWN BENCH ( My bench was thrifted but I found a cute one from target!)
  4. ARTIFICIAL CACTUS (I love how this cactus looks on top of my bench)
  5. SIDE TABLE (Not the same one 🙁 but this one is just as cute!)
  6. CERAMIC CACTUS (Target has really cute decor cactus!)





  1. COMPUTER TABLE (The don’t have the same one I have online but check in stores!)
  2. COMPUTER CHAIRS ( These are actually dining chairs, haha but because we have carper we didn’t want chairs with the rollers. These are super comfortable. I totally recommended.)
  3. CLOTHING RACK (Love this rack!)
  4. DRY ERASE BOARD (When it comes to working, this is great to keep the team on track!)





  1. BEDFRAME (The farm style of this bed it’s my favorite. The color I bought is darkbronze)
  2. Nightstands (this one is technically the same but the only difference is the legs! still super cute tho!)
  3. Pendant light (Love how simple this light is!)
  4. WALL ART (I love this bible verse and these frames.)





1. SUGAR AND COFFEE VASE ( I couldn’t find the same ones but these are so cute and farm style)

2. WALL ART (This is such a nice addition to an empty wall in the kitchen)

3. Wooden basket (Here I hold cooking books, more vase etc)

4. LED LIGHT (I put stick on LED lights underneath the cabinets. They don’t sell the round ones anymore but the strip works just as fine)

5. POTS AND PAN (These are the pots and pans I use and I absolutely love them!)

6. SPOON REST (This is another Item I mentioned on the video. This spoon rest is so convenient when cooking!)





  1. DINING TABLE (I put so many people on this dining table lol! its the perfect size and the perfect price 😉)
  2. MODERN STYLE DINING CHAIRS (Another great buy! I bought this set 2 years ago and still holding strong!)
  3. TABLE RUNNER (New purchase and wasn’t included in the video but love how this looks for fall!)
  4. CENTER VASE (love this!)
  5. FEAUX EUCALYPTUS STEM (I called this magnolia leaves in my video haha! I bought 2 of this for the vase)
  6. ROUND MIRROR (the same wood mirror is not being sold anymore 🙁 but this wood one is super pretty)
  7. Hand Woven RUG (This rug is always the center of attention in my space but be aware, doggies love this rug hehe*cough cough* Autumn 🐶)
  8. PENDANT LIGHT (This makes the whole area. Love this lamp!)





  1. COUCH (This was the most requested Item to post. My couch is my favorite thing in my whole apartment)
  2. RUG (Not the same rug but very similar!)
  3. TV STAND (This TV stand is absolutely perfect! I love the drawers)
  4. COFFEE TABLE (Not in the video because it’s new but the one I got it’s not online but this one is VERY similar)
  5. SIDE ROUND TABLE (This table is so functional!)
  6. DESENIO FRAME (I love all of their posters and frames!)
  7. FLOOR MIRROR (Everyone haves this mirror but its such a great addition to the place)
  8. BENCH BEHIND COUCH (Not the same one but a really cute choice!)
  9. FAUX FIG TREE (This is such a nice touch to the living room!)


I really hope you guys enjoyed and found this post helpful! much love xo


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