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My top 7 fitness tips to be fit and work out more!

Summer is approaching and I know some of us are feeling rushed to get our dream “summer bod” well let me tell you, that is the wrong mentality. If we only workout to have a great body in certain seasons that will be kinda difficult. We should aim to be healthy and make working out a lifestyle because if you are ready, you don’t have to get ready!

1. Consistency is key!

Let’s be real. When you are starting to work out, you don’t work out every day because you have to get in the groove of working out. But if you commit to workout at least 3x a week that’s good enough! There are ton of workout videos on youtube so pick one and complete it boss babe!

2. Get cute workout clothes + have your workout necessities for motivation!

I promise I will write a blog post on my fave workout clothes soon. Looking cute while working out is a confidence booster. Invest in workout clothes, get a cute little work out bag and have your towels, deodorant ( I love the secret freshies deodorant because it’s small and fits everywhere) plus it smells so so good! Add your mini water gallon to stay hydrated during your workout and do not forget your wireless headphones to blast music while you workout boo!

3. Get a workout buddy!

I workout SOLO must of the time but it is fun to have someone working out with you. Book a spin class with your sister or friend! that’s a perfect date if you ask me hehe.

4. Plan your workout ahead of time.

How can you stay consistent if you don’t know what you are working out? literally fam, there has been days when I don’t workout because i simply don’t know what to do that day. I made a workout schedule that paints a clear picture of what I will do each day. Will leave an example below.


5. DO NOT compare your body to others!!!

A close friend of mine told me that the reason why she hasn’t gone to the gym is because she feels insecure about her body. This made me upset because nobody should feel like that. If you are feeling the same way know that nobody actually sits there and judges others at the gym. Everyone goes in to do their workout and leaves. Don’t think people are looking at you, that’s all in your head babe! Go in and know that you are doing this for you. Also if you want to start at home do that and after go to the gym.

6. Have goals and keep track of them.

If you want to lose weight, measure yourself and know your weight. If you want to be fit and more consistent, have a tracker to see how consistent you were that week! This will motivate you to keep going.

7. Be patient.

Yup- Of course I had to add this one. I know you hate this tip but its true. Enjoy the journey, working out every day, feeling sore every second haha and slowly you will see AMAZING RESULTS! Eat healthily!!!

Hope this tips motivated you and helped you! Can’t wait to see your bikini pics this summer 😉 See you next time. XO

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