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Wear It Again! Black Leather Biker Jacket

Hey Fam HAPPY NEW YEAR! I truly hope you guys had a great time with family and friends this holiday season because I did and it was very much needed BUT it is a new year and I know so many people have great goals for the new year and fashion is one of them. Either become more creative with your style or revamping your wardrobe – I thought of the coolest idea to bring to the blog called WEAR IT AGAIN.

I love fashion and I have so many girls that love my looks but not everyone can wear a new outfit every single day like the top bloggers can, right? It’s not very great for the pocket if you get what I am saying lol. I am constantly re-using items in my closet and changing the way I use it. For this reason, I think it will be very cool to bring to you every month a WEAR IT AGAIN post showing you how I re-style some clothing items! I will get very creative with this so subscribe to my online magazine to stay up to date with the blog & follow me on here to be notified everytime I post. Should we start? Let’s do it!

Outfit #1 Make another piece of the outfit the star

You will notice that my style is very street style & simple. I think the trick with this jacket is to change the vibe with your look (you will see what i mean soon) In my opinion what made this look great is the boots!

Outfit #2 Play With the materials

Here I played with the fabric of my outfit. I wore a pretty basic look but I paired black leather boots so automatically your eyes will draw to the leather jacket.

Outfit #3 Don’t lose your essence

Hands down a very cool way to wear this jacket is to pair it with an outfit that is not edgy! I think the jacket is an eye catcher to a look that really doesn’t go with the jacket!

Well Cuties what do you think?? I hope this inspires you to play with what you got! I personally went through a very sad first world problem and said ” I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR” While starring at a walk-in closet with a ton of clothes to pick from lol! do you want me to create more posts in this series? Comment below!

Until next time,

xo, Mel

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