Back To School Advice: High School Letter To My 14 Year Old Self

Hey Guys!

Almost everyone is back to school or are going back to school very soon. I have a ton of followers that are currently in high school & college so I am excited for this mini series because I sure wish my favorite blogger or youtuber wrote something like this because I was super nervous to go back to school. I will write my 14 year old self a letter and hopefully that helps you!




Dear, M

You just finished middle school and you are so relieved because you won’t get bullied anymore but you are still a little nervous because some of the girls that bullied you will attend the same high school as you but don’t worry because there will be so many new people in your high school that everyone will go in different paths. 

Freshman year will be the best year ever because you will have new friends, new school and it is a fresh start! remember you have to focus focus focus. Focus on having good grades & having fun! Sophomore year will be a little difficult academically because you will have more pressure with finals, volleyball & AP classes. I wish you stuck with sports because that could’ve helped you get a scholarship to go away for college! Look into colleges now and see what they require from you. Get involved in clubs so you can have more friends and it is okay for you to get out of your small circle of friends and have other friends! 

Junior year will be super stressful because you have so many finals & senior itis will start kicking in even though you are a junior haha! but I promise you, you have to make your studies your main priority to be ready for college! Don’t focus on boys because that will distract you so so much! Yes, you are still dating your high school sweetheart now but being in love can be extremely distracting of your main goal! Now that you are a junior, start identifying what you are good at, what you genuinely like to do & start developing that. I am so glad you started your blog & you decided to become an influencer very early on even if you didn’t do it. spoiler alert, that is what you will be doing in 3 years!

In Senior year you will be very very lazy and you will want to graduate ASAP! don’t skip school, don’t give up & make sure you submit all of your college stuff extra early! I know you are not ready to go in the real world even if you think you are but you did it! I wish you went to prom and graduation but it is okay. I promise you, your life will be better in 1-2 years- Just hold on and enjoy that you have no responsibilities! Hold on tight and know that you will be great! 


Hey you,

Enjoy your high school years. You will learn so much about yourself and you should have fun! hope this year teaches you a ton of life lessons & you learn new things about yourself. Also remember that high school is not forever, the years will fly by and you will look back and say “wow” can’t believe I went through all of that, it went by SO FAST? (That’s how I feel haha)

Comment below one advice you can share for high school students!



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Much Love,




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