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How To Get What You Want And Be A GIRLBOSS!

I highly dislike when someone tells me or themselves that they are not capable of getting what they want. Since I was very young I’ve been very independent and whatever I put on my mind I go and GET IT!

What is it that you want? Do you want to open a store? travel the world? be a designer or singer? Let me tell you something.. YOU CAN DO IT. yup, it doesn’t matter the competition or who is doing what because everyone is different and everyone has different point of views.

This is the secret: you have to want it more than anything in the world and lose sleep over it.

Being a girl boss means to go for what you want and build a vision without giving up. This life that we were blessed with unfortunately is very short, so how are you spending your time? I hope you girls are motivated to go for what you want and don’t make excuses for yourself! sometimes I look at everything I’ve been through and I ask myself “HOW DID I DO THAT?!” So if I am doing it, you can too.

PS: Don’t listen to what others have to say unless is constructive criticism. People can be very negative and envious of what you want because they can’t do it themselves. Always help others and stay in your lane. No matter where you are in life what matters the most is moving forward and look at your role model and say to yourself, “If she/he did it, I can too”

Much Love,


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