Oh it feels good to write again and get close and personal with my Fam!

February has been such a crazy month for me. I SWEAR I wasn’t expecting nothing like this. One thing I said at the beginning of the year was “NO TRAVELING, I want to work and the travel will come later” Well, travel came without me even expecting it. I went to the Dominican Republic for a month but unfortunately my trip was cut short so I had to come back. I was so sad because I love being with my mom but I had to come back home.

This year started out amazing for me. I have gotten so many cool opportunities and I have been disappointed a lot too but one thing I’ve learned is that failure is simply a feedback on what to do differently next time. Sometimes we fail and we just give up entirely on everything we are doing because we are afraid to fail again but you need to love failure, You learn so much when you fall and you scrape your knees but what counts the most is how many times we get back up and keep on going.


One thing I really want to do this year is launch a clothing line. I will start off slow but I want to make girls feel like they are part of a community and that is the main goal of my line. I will update you guys soon on the launch but just know that doing something like this takes a TON of hard work and time. Me and Rudy decided to start the Instagram for it in January and we had planned to launch it in February but GUYS IT IS SO DIFFICULT! but I promise we are on it! @flint.look

Monday’s are so great because it is truly a fresh week to start new and work HARD! I love feeling comfortable but cute at the same time. One thing I love to do on a Monday is plan out my week and get a head start on my days. Comment below what you like to do on a Monday?

Thank you for being part of my journey and being my BFF! Hope you have an amazing week Fam!












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