Last Minute Outfit Idea For Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve is tomorrow and I know many of us are rushing to find the perfect outfit to impress all of our family members and let them know that we had the best year of our lives (even if it’s not true) but hey! fake it till you make it! haha

This outfit is perfect if you are going to somebody’s house to have a casual dinner. We all know we are going to eat A LOT so a pair of comfy yet stylish jeans paired with a basic black sweater SCREAMS comfort. I know you might be thinking “Mel but I am not trying to look like I am going to the mall, I want to look fab!” I hear you but if it is last minute, why not work with what you got in your closet?? Plus we are going to make this basic outfit super fabulous because we are throwing on top a very chic Moto jacket with a fur collar! see, we just made the outfit go from 5 to 100!! Of course wear some heels or booties if you are aiming to dance all night!



Style Tip

If you want to bring this outfit to another level, Accessorize! Wear a fedora hat, wear a really cute choker necklace and wear your favorite rings!

Outfit Details

Black Sweater

Very Similar Jeans

Exact Jacket I am wearing

Very Cute Similar Boots



Happy Holidays Guys!




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