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3 Tips On How To Refresh Old Curls!

Oh hey there! i hope you are excited about this blog post because i struggled to learn how to refresh my curls for the second, third and even fourth day after my fresh wash and go. Am i the only one who loves how their second/third day curls look? it looks so much bigger and frizzy it’s the best!

Today i will break down in 3 simple steps how i refresh my curls!

This little routine and products are the best for the summer and i am sure your second/third day curls will look SO CUTE!



You need to have a spray bottle with water to make your hair damp and my tip *DON’T DRENCH YOUR HAIR* separate your hair in 4 sections (2 sections in the front and two in the back) wet one section at a time to ACTIVATE the products you put previously.

Once your section is nice and damp, apply your favorite leave in or conditioner. The conditioner i am using at the moment is the OGX COCONUT CURLS and honestly is the best conditioner i’ve tried so far because the formula is super light (And it smells amazing)

So after you put your leave in or conditioner, make sure you use a LIGHT gel or LIGHT cream. I say LIGHT because i prefer light curls and bouncier curls during the summer. In the winter we need those layers of moisture because our hair is a lot more dehydrated in the cold but in the summer make sure you go light on the products. 🙂

That’s it! i hope you learned a thing or two and make sure to tag me when you upload your 2nd or 3rd day old curls using this method so i could see it! #OMGCURL



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