Holy Molly! if you follow me on my Instagram (where i am the most consistent) you will know that I’ve been doing many different things. My curly hair post are very popular, my fashion post inspire many of my girls BUT some of you guys might not know me too well so i want to break down 10 things YOU don’t know about Melody πŸ™‚


  1. I am a plan FREAK! i plan every single thing.
  2. I get very cranky when i am hungry! (You can ask my boyfriend, OOPS lol)
  3. My favorite season is fall. (The weather and the trees and the vibe is SO PERFECT)
  4. I love candles and lights. When i have my own apartment, expect to see 10 candles lit at the same time. (GUILTY!)
  5. I have two PERFECT nephews (They are the cutest thing ever)
  6. I am the worst at time management! ( i am woking on it ok!!!)
  7. I loveeeee chick-fil-A and five guys! (Thats me and my boyfriend’s go to spot)
  8. Working out makes me happy when i feel down *It’s crazy*
  9. I love interior design. I can decorate the HECK out of a house. (It’s my hidden talent)
  10. I am a christian! I love god SO MUCH! i live for him πŸ™‚

That’s it!! Which of the 10 surprised you the most? Let me know!! and if you actually read this facts * Go to my Instagram and comment one fact about you under my recent photo. I want to get to know you! *

See you next time, xx


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