Master Your Selfie Game With 3 Simple Steps!

When it comes to Instagram, the one thing that comes to my head is SELFIE. I would like to say that i am not a master at this specialty as i like to call it but i am pretty good at it. Here are some useful tips that can take your selfie game to the next level.



Lighting is the key to success  🔑. When it comes to lighting, NATURAL LIGHTING is the best lighting because it is not too HARSH or too LOW of course DO NOT take pictures in direct sunlight, you will look all types of FUNKY.



When it comes to the perfect selfie, you should aim to take it behind a LIGHT background. Why is this you may ask? this is because when you shoot the picture, the main attraction should be you not the background. 😉 BUT to be fair, if you don’t always have a white wall close to you the NEXT TIP is for you!



VSCO CAM APP is my app for filters. My top filter for selfies is HB1. I don’t use it all the way. Also, my house is painted the most horrific colors, green? blue? EW. and my room is pained Purple, the only white spot i have in my house is near my backyard door which is perfect because a lot of natural lighting comes in. but when is dark and i want to take it i my room, i use FACETUNE for the whitening setting to whiten the background!


Hope this helped you guys!! Much love.. mel xx


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