YOUNG LOVE| Finding true love at age 16???

If you guys know, I am 17 years old, turning 18 this April. And i been dating my boyfriend since i was 16 years old.. Funny story, We have been talking since i was 15 but technically i wasn’t “allowed” to date until i turned 16 and the goodie goodie daughter that i am, i OF COURSE followed the rules but i was counting down the days to date my boyfriend and it was awesome when we made it official.


When people tell me what do i think of dating at such a young age the first thing i tell them is that young love is GENUINE. When you date someone at that age you don’t think about money or the future, you are just enjoying that person to the max. You love their presence and being away from them is just a nightmare! that is one of the things i loved about dating my boyfriend.

We both were immature and with time we both experienced a lot of hard times together and we are still facing tough times but having someone to have your back and see you grow it is one of the best things of young love.

I don’t regret any decisions that i made and i will do another blog post telling you guys the crazy things we have done because there are so many!!

young love is just as beautiful as any stages of love. i am positive that you can find true love when you are 75 years old. Just be open to different people and the right one will come knocking at your door!

god bless, melody ❤️



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