Let’s talk about natural hair: questions and answers!

hey guys! because i have seen my hair grow so fast lately i thought i should do a Q&A with some questions i had myself and if you guys have more questions ask them down below so i can do a part two!

Q & A 

why is my hair not curly anymore if it used to curl?

the reason why your hair is not curling anymore is either because you have heat damage so you are experiencing the curl on top and the straight at the bottom. or if you are not using heat then you are not moisturizing your hair so it is very dry.

 what can i do to get my curly hair back?

easy 5 word answer. you need to cut it!!!! LOL yes you have to cut it. i did a big chop twice and honestly hair doesn’t mean anything if it is short or long because hair grows back so stop being so attached to your hair.

how can i prevent heat damage on my hair?

 heat damage is the worst so don’t use heat often.. if you are recovering from heat damage and you use heat.. you are going backwards so set yourself a goal to meet. lets say you are allowed to use heat once every 6 months do that if you love your straight hair but honestly avoid heat as much as possible. i literally use heat once a year at that. i have 9 months without using heat and i am not planning to use heat until December 2017.

what products should i avoid?

silicone, sulfates, parabens, propylene, mineral oil etc etc. read your labels guys. being natural means being picky on your products! so alternate to shea moisture, curls. organic hair products and you will notice your curls being SO MUCH DIFFERENT is actually crazy.

is it true that i should deep condition my hair twice a week?

it depends on your hair type. i have 3b 3c hair so i deep condition once a week sometimes twice but it depends on how your hair feels. sometimes people deep condition 3 times a week. you have to know your hair. but to answer the question you should deep condition at least once a week.

what causes breakage on my hair? 

what causes breakage on my hair is brushing my hair on dry hair, tight buns or pony tails, and dry hair so avoid all of that and don’t comb your hair with a small comb, use your fingers or a wide tooth comb.

how can i make my hair grow faster?

honestly what makes my hair grow so fast is by being on top of my hair. i am always putting oils and massaging my scalp. i deep condition twice a week, i never put my hair under too much stress ( tight hairstyles) and i drink a lot of water!

how many times can i use heat on my hair?

i recommend twice a year. and if you love straight hair get a wig because the first time i did the big chop i straighten my hair after being super healthy and i damaged it and regretted that decision with my heart and soul so don’t make that mistake. embrace the fro and love your natural self because that is what makes you unique. 

did you enjoy this post? you have question? ask them below and i will answer xo


6 thoughts on “Let’s talk about natural hair: questions and answers!”

  1. Is it bad to co wash or just wet my hair in the shower everyday because everytime i do my hair by day 2 it looks like crap and on top of all that i am spending dollars $$!!!!!on products because of how much i have to do my hair.And i am fully natural not transitioning so i am so lost as to why i have to spend so much time and money on my hair .
    Xoxo Lexi
    Please respond i need help!!!!!!!
    Btw your hair is gorgeous and can you tell me your hair regimen


    1. Hi alexis!! first of all thank you!! i have a youtube channel and i have a ton of natural hair videos https://www.youtube.com/user/Melodyslife1 so go there or i have links in my blog and i hope it gives you more clarity but honestly i don’t think it is good for you to wet your hair everyday because in my opinion you are over manipulating your hair and wasting product so try clensing your hair once a week like i do and co-washing once a week like in the middle of the week and if your hair gets messed up then do up-do’s i also have a ton of curly hairstyles in my channel as well. also try doing the pineapple before going to sleep and sleep on a satin pillow case t preserve your curls and let me know how it works! much love xo

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