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New Fashion Trends To Know Before The Summer.

PARIS, FRANCE - JULY 07: Kendall Jenner leaves the Chanel show as part of Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2015/2016 on July 7, 2015 in Paris, France. (Photo by Marc Piasecki/WireImage)

Hello guys welcome back. In todays blog, i will be sharing with you the new trends that are flourishing throughout the past couple of months. in my personal opinion i am loving most of them. although i’ve been noticing that neon is coming back but in shoes which is super cool. well to not rant a lot i will break down a couple of really popular trends that you need to know!


o m g. this trend is one of my personal favorites because it is so flattering and so girly and in my opinion now it is a staple in your closet.


white on white is super trendy now. you see it in stores, celebrities, etc. i love the white on white trend because its more bright and refreshing then black on black in my opinion. therefore i am a fan!



this trend is extremely constroversial because not everyone can rock this trend. i have to admit that it is not for everyone but you have to try matching light denim and dark denim and even both colors to see how it looks on your skin color but once you figure it out its phenomenal!


i love love love this trend because i absolutely adore choker necklace and when i saw this awesome trend with choker necklace as a one piece with the dress or shirts i fell in love an i am still growing my collection.


this was very popular in the past fashion week and i love how the matching outfits are coming back because i recall being a little girl and having my mom match all my outfits and that requires a lot of effort. but now it is so easy to match!

that is it for todays fashion Tuesday. i really hope you guys enjoyed and stay tuned for more!


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